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Tom Wilkerson, Conference Producer, Bonhill Group plc. 

Aoifinn Devitt, Head of Investment – Ireland, Federated Hermes – International

Laura Curtis, Head of Marketing, Europe, Vanguard

10:10 FIRESIDE CHAT: Keynote – Overview and optimistic look at the Asset Management Landscape for 2021
  • Round up of COVID & Impacts – what have been the most significant changes to the current market?
  • What opportunities do we see for companies and financial services professionals?
  • How has this experience impacted diversity and inclusion efforts?
  • The importance of ESG
  • What should Asset Managers look forward to in 2021?

Bev Shah, Founder and CEO, City Hive

Sally Bridgeland, Chair, Impax Asset Management

Aisling Doherty, Senior Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Mercer Global Investments 


10:50 PANEL DISCUSSION: Strategic evolution in sustainable investments
  • Client demands for consistent returns as well as innovation in investment thinking and practice
  • How has political and regulatory pressures, technological advancements and client preferences pushed sustainability into the mainstream of investing?
  • What are the biggest barriers to adopting sustainable investing?
  • Developing deeper insights about how value will be created going forward

Mili Fomicov, Researcher, Centre for Climate Finance & Investment, Imperial College London

Nina Roth, Director – Responsible Investment, BMO Global Asset Management (EMEA)

Ines Uwiteto, Private Client Manager, Seven Investment Management LLP

11:35 LIGHTNING TALKS: Are we keeping up rather than getting ahead? – Operational Excellence & Digital Transformation
  • How has the asset management industry adopted technological innovations?
  • Transforming business and operating models to become more resilient, agile and flexible in a challenging environment
  • The future of the Asset Management workplace – more risk management hurdles to overcome
  • At what risk is technology making investing simpler and cheaper?

Paul Sinthunont, Senior Analyst, Aite Group 

Zeynep Madeiros, Global Head of Middle Office & CSR Manager, Dalton Strategic Partnership LLP

Koley Corte, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Business Transformation, AllianceBernstein

12:15 PRESENTATION: Investment Stewardship at BlackRock
  • Stewardship’s role to support BlackRock’s commitments to sustainability and net zero
  • What Stewardship means at BlackRock, our approach and how we carry out our activities
  • Our priorities and expectations from companies for 2021 and the years ahead.

Sabahat Salahuddin, Director, EMEA Blackrock Investment Stewardship, BlackRock


10:50 PANEL DISCUSSION: Everyone has a part to play – culture from top to bottom
  • Reviewing some of the persistent challenges regarding company culture and policies faced over the years – highlighting challenges faced by women
  • The step-by-step processes to achieve change – Endorsement, implementation and management
  • How do we guarantee adoption and acceptance of these new measures?
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – shaping companies and changes it is bringing

Stephanie Hamod, Founder, Pathikah

Hani Nabeel, Chief Behavioural Scientist, iPsychTec

Tali Shlomo, Human Resource Director and D&I leader 

11:35 FIRESIDE CHAT: Guidance, influence and empathy – leadership in 2021
  • Discussing the importance of resilience & adaptability to lead remotely
  • Why are EQ, IQ and communication skills the ultimate triple threat?
  • What does leadership look like in 2021?
  • Balancing individual accountability and Micromanagement
  • How to engage all stakeholders with leadership vision and direction.
  • What will the characteristics of a successful asset manager be in five years?
  • Developing the ability to adapt and drive change at a pace unprecedented in the industry today.
  • What practical tips are there for career development?

Meike Bliebenicht, Global Product Director, Multi-Asset, AllianceBernstein 

Heidi Ridley, Co-Founder & CEO, Radiant ESG

Darren Johnson, Chief Operating Officer – Listed Equities, Executive Director, Impax Asset Management 

12:30pm - End of morning sessions

AFTERNOON WEBINAR: 14:00 – 16:20 (GMT)


Tom Wilkerson, Conference Producer, Bonhill Group plc. 

Aoifinn Devitt, Head of Investment – Ireland, Federated Hermes – International

Laura Curtis, Head of Marketing, Europe, Vanguard

14:10 FIRESIDE CHAT: ESG and D&I Best Practices
  • Looking at the make-up of the Asset Management industry and highlighting the discrepancies
  • How we approach the challenges in the journey to DEI cultures
  • Acknowledging that bias and unconscious biases are real, and whether they are changing in a COVID world
  • Changing the industry – internal and external forces and the power of our cumulative actions
  • Analysing the Supply Chain & Value Chain
  • Broadening the diversity of the customer base

Cara Williams, Global Segment Leader: Family Offices, Financial Intermediaries & Multinational Clients-Wealth, Mercer

Tatjana Greil Castro, Co-Head of Public Markets – Portfolio Manager Global Credit Strategies, Muzinich & Co.

Sarah Bratton Hughes, Head of Sustainability, North America, Schroders 


14:50 PRESENTATION: Responsible Investing with ESG
  • Change management and specific implementation problems of ESG
  • What are the pros and cons of passive ESG investments?
  • Specialised funds and interconnectivity – How do you choose?
  • Links to performance – preventing to consider ESG metrics

Maria Lombardo, Head of ESG Client Strategies EMEA, Invesco

15:10 PANEL DISCUSSION: Global Regulation
  • MiFID II review – Publication of the transaction reporting Review Report
  • The upcoming regulations in the U.S., U.K., Europe and emerging markets – what do asset managers and asset owners need to know and do?
  • Competitiveness of our economy, the concentration of political power, and the stability of financial markets
  • Practical implementations – compliance and operations processes
  • ESG – driving force within the harmonization of regulators

Liz Skinner, Special Projects Editor, Investment News 

Dr Sabine Dittrich, Global Head of Regulatory Intelligence, UBS

Kalina Lazarova, Head of Governance, BMO Global Asset Management (EMEA)

Rosalyn Breedy, Partner, Wedlake Bell LLP 


14:50 CASE STUDY: Breaking down the persistent social taboo of Mental Health
  • Why is this important to the business?
  • What has made this possible?
  • How can all professionals in each firm support these efforts?
  • How can you and your D&I/HR team do the same?

Oli Shakir-Khalil, Investment Director, Emerging Market Debt, Fidelity International

15:10 PANEL DISCUSSION: Intersectionality – considering all the elements that make us who we are
  • The need to look beyond gender
  • Are we doing better on gender equality than LGBTQ+ representation?
  • Where is the race conversation now, and where does it need to go?
  • How to overcome unconscious bias when talking about diversity (gender, ethnic, cognitive)
  • Work is needed across the board, so how do we spread the effort to be intersectional?

Jon Terry, Experienced Business Advisor on People Challenges 

Kathryn Mohan McDonald, Co-Founder and Head of Investments & Sustainability, Radiant ESG

Marie Fromaget, ESG Analyst, AXA Investment Managers

Mariam Akanbi, Senior Legal Counsel, ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited 

15:55 PRESENTATION: ESG Investing in Equities
  • Evolution of ESG investing in Emerging Markets equities 
  • Challenges faced with new markets 
  • Best practices and how to identify these companies  
  • Conclusion: investing in sound businesses with an ESG lens will lead to best outcomes 
  • UN Sustainability Goals

Basak Yavuz, Fund Manager, Emerging Markets Equities, Goldman Sachs Asset Management LP 

  • Discussing the key takeaways from this inaugural summit
    • What actionable takeaway will you do first?
  • What topics would you like to hear about at WIAM September Summit & Awards 2021?
    • Tweet your pledge: Making your pledge for change
    • Given the content and insights shared, attendees are asked to pledge an act for greater change

16:20 End of Women in Asset Management Transatlantic Summit 2021