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The Women in Asset Management USA Summit 2023, presented by DiversityQ took place on Thursday, September 14, in New York.  

We would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who attended this year’s edition!   

Our theme this year was impactful growth in an ever-changing world, and we explored the following topics:    

Investment: we discussed overcoming regulatory and political challenges in integrating ESG factors, understanding government’s role, promoting sustainable and socially responsible investing, and implementing effective ESG management practices.  

DEI: we addressed inequality and discrimination, advocating for diversity in decision-making, including neurodiversity, intersectionality, allyship, multigenerational workforces, disability and transgender representation, and tackling racial inequality.  

Personal Development: we explored career skills, investing in training, futureproofing skillsets, networking, career path planning, and recruitment and retention strategies with DEI in focus.   

Technology: we delved into AI’s impact on asset management and the wider financial industry, reshaping investment analysis, portfolio management, and client servicing.  

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