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DiversityQ is delighted to announce the shortlist for the 2022 Women in Asset Management Awards USA! 

Even though the disruptions of 2020 caused a slowdown in its progress, gender representation in the asset management sector has been static for nearly 20 years. 

The Women in Asset Management Awards series, now in its fourth year, has been providing a platform to showcase and honour the outstanding professionals and firms in the many and varied fields of asset management. It celebrates those that are striving for more ethical and responsible investment decisions, and those that are promoting and aligning for a more inclusive sector. 

Why nominate? 

Shine a light on outstanding industry talent and role models, as well as the employers that are implementing diversity initiatives to spearhead real change in the sector. 

The Summit 

Innovation, representation and competition are some of the most important benefits of DEI in any workplace, but for asset managers this is something that has been lacking for decades. With demand for DEI data and for asset managers to progress their teams diversity, incorporating ESG factors that include racial diversity and justice has become a priority to create a more inclusive society.

As the economy enters familiar waters of volatile markets and economic insecurity, firms need to leave no stone unturned to make it through unscathed. Firms that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion also recognize the importance of responding to changing client demographics with a more diverse professional team, enabling them to better serve prospective and current clients and to better compete for top talent. 

We’re also seeing a change in the role of an asset manager becoming inevitable but there also seems to be a power struggle on the horizon. For investment firms competing for talent, the next generation of investment professionals adapting to future demands within the industry makes them a rare commodity and something that tilts the scales in their favour. 

Our theme this year will aim to challenge investment professionals on how they consider all stakeholders while overcoming difficult market conditions. 


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